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We help you make a difference by working differently and transform your Salesforce CRM into a business boosting and fun-to-work-with tool.

Nexell Accelerator (Nexellerator) Solutions are a series of tools and solutions designed and applicable for a variety of industries and businesses, big & small, to help them get a quick CRM start, boost, grow or extend their business, fully built on the leading platform.

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Our services, technologies and strategies, based on 15+ years of experience & collaboration with both small and large organizations, have allowed us to create a set of unique solutions, best practices and methodologies in the field of relationship management, which we apply to all projects, large and small, locally and internationally.

All packages bear the "swiss made software" quality label.

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The packages are fully secured with's platform, encryption features and are fully prepared for local and European, GDPR and Swiss data privacy regulations.

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